What is a peer-reviewed journal?

Q: What is a peer-reviewed journal?

Answered By: Deborah Lee
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Peer-reviewed journals are also sometimes referred to as scholarly or refereed journals.  They are written by scholars and are reliable sources of information on a topic or subject.  The peer-review process requires that articles are verified and reviewed (hence the name peer-reviewed!) by other scholars before the article is published. The reviewing scholars evaluate the quality of the article before it can be published. 

To find peer-reviewed journals and journal articles, our online databases provide some assistance.  A lot of databases allow you to limit your search to only peer-reviewed articles.  Many will also provide information in either an icon or text on the search results, indicating the article is peer-reviewed.  

If you are having problems finding a peer-reviewed article, please ask for help!  You can also setup a meeting with a subject librarian for research assistance. 

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